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All images are relatively low resolution to keep modem users from hating me. So they do not accurately reflect the quality of prints and paintings.

Click on the thumbnail of any painting to see a larger image.

photo to painting of Peyton blowing bubbles Painting from a photo of Brooke at DFW airport A painting from an early memory of mine. Painting from a photo of Amanda & Gretchen Austin - Photo by Walt Portrait by Barb
Blowing Bubbles At the airport back seat Amanda The "Player"

photo to art of Jane

Painting of Joy with added feathers Peyton2 This painting is from a photo of Bill & Mary's baby Joy

Painting of Brooke kissing Austin


Joy Feathers Future Baby Joy Little Politician
From an old worn photo of Barb as a baby being held by her Mom This is a painting from a memory of Barb's Painting from memory with a custom frame Painting from memory of a Peacock Diana
Mother & Child Music with dinner Who's there? Big Bird Diana
Yes, my husband Bob was thin once. Definitely a painting from memory. Original painting Gene and Lilian Beautiful music Angie & Brent
Phone again Blooming Cactus Gene & Lillian Megan Angie & Brent
Rob & Joy dancing        
Rob & Joy        


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